Become a tutor

Our tutor process


1. Apply

Apply for a job.

2. Match

The client manager matches you to a client.

3. Client payment

The client pays so that tutoring can start.

4. Group

The client manager creates a Whatsapp group, linking you with the client.


5. Interview

15 min interview between you and the client.


6. Lessons

If interview is successful, lessons can start.

At The Tutor Company,
we focus on our tutors

We have a talent management program that involves the identification of talented tutors, providing them with further opportunities that help them develop new transferable skills, and provide them with valuable experience. We have a range of roles available depending on your level of experience and qualifications.

Tutors start with basic training, and as they progress and gain experience they can opt-in to get further training (to qualify for different jobs and opportunities).



• Undergraduates
• Early career graduates
• Content specialists

• Basic tutor training
• Study methods training
• Learning disability tutoring
• Soft skills development


Facilitators and

• Postgraduates
• Advanced degree holders
• Subject area specialists

• Presentation skills
• Teacher training
• Workshop and classroom
• Management
• Entrepreneurial skills


Consultants and
Project Managers

• Postgraduates
• Advanced degree holders
• Experienced professionals

• Business acumen
• Project management
• Innovation training

Why are we different?

Why choose The Tutor Company?


We actively market our tutors, and link you to clients that will be a good fit.


We handle all the admin required for you to do what you do best: tutor.


We guarantee payment, even if the client fails to pay.


We provide you with the tools, hints and tips that improve your skills.


We provide a system that allows you to provide easy value-added services to your clients.


We provide a unique marketing mix to provide clients throughout the year.

Are you a teacher, current student or graduate, or experienced professional?

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